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What warranties are available with a tile roof?

Unlike the Shingle Manufacturers, there is no tile roofing manufacturer that offers a complete tile roof system warranty. Each Product in a tile roof system carries its own material warranty ranging from 5 years to Lifetime. The Roofing Contractor or Architect must make the best choice of materials, ensure that they are installed per each manufacturer's specifications, and then provide a warranty backed by his firm. Roofing Contractors offer Workmanship Warranties ranging from 1 year, 3 years, 5 years (standard), 10 years, 15 years and more.

Should length of warranty be determining factor in choosing a new roof?

Notice what the National Roofing Contractors Association counsels on this point. (Click Here)

How can I make sure my roofing contractor is licensed and insured?

What Trade Associations should my Roofing Contractor proudly support?

Who are your manufacturers and where can I get more information on them?

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What affects the price quoted for a new roof or repair?

Worker Compensation Experience Modification Rate

General Liability Insurance Rate

Technicians/Employees Pay - Piece Work or Hourly Rate?

Condition of the trucks, trailers and equipment?

Business Location - Office with Shop, or Garage or back of pickup truck?

Payment history with Suppliers

Quality of materials 

What is a Notice of Commencement (NOC) and a Notice to Owner (NTO)?

Where can I learn more about my local Building Depatment?

Your local building department can be a valuable source of information as you consider big home improvement projects. Here are the links to the building departments in our area. You may find their telephone numbers there as well.

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