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Gary's Roofing is the "System 1" Leader. Our Preferred Tile Roof System is comprised of the latest top-quality tile roofing components and is designed to maintain the water on top of the tile and flashing. This approach extends the life of the roof system, minimizes the chance of leaks, and is patterned after the proven methods used for centuries throughout the world. 

Some areas of the roof are especially vulnerable: Valleys, Side Walls, Head Walls, Plumbing stacks, Vents, Solar panel connectors. Our experienced technicians address those areas by removing all roofing materials to the sheathing, repairing the rotted wood, and putting the roof back together so you can't even tell we were there.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." When you schedule a "Maintenance" with our Annual Roof Maintenance Program, our service technicians will perform the following: 

  Inspect roof 

  Blow debris from roof and clean out gutters

  Reseal around penetrations

  Refasten up to 10 tiles

  Photograph work performed   

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